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If you are planning space allocations for your metal buildings, and want to make every square foot count, raise your mechanical and operating equipment sites to the roof. Why should equipment be allowed to take up valuable floor space when it can be securely installed above floor traffic and congestion . . .on the job but out of the way . . . .less subject to vandalism . . .often reducing insurance costs while permitting more productive use of the building's total footage? All things considered, a roof used only as a roof is a waste of equipment space! Roof utilization-a common practice in conventional construction-is gaining wide acceptance among metal building contractors and engineers. the pate company® is assisting with watertight designs prefabricated for time-saving rooftop installations. pate metal building curbs and equipment supports prepare the roof for occupancy by all types of loads and units - including hvac equipment, gas and refrigerant pipelines, and electrical conduits-while maintaining roof integrity. For example, pate curbs interface with ribbed or standing seam roof panels. They are cut from the same quality of galvalume steel. And they have built-in compensation for roof pitch. pate curb service provides any consulting or advisory expertise required if roof-mounted equipment is something new to you or when special architectural features or types of equipment present problems. We work with you from the blueprint stage to make sure the job is done right.. .load properly supported and leveled .. .roof opening permanently sealed .. . Commercial and industrial tenants of today's metal buildings are looking for efficient space planning. If equipment can be on the roof, it should be on the roof and pate can help you put it there.

metal building products
metal building products
metal building products
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pc-2mb-1 1 style metal building curbs
pc-2mb-2 2 style metal building curbs
pc-2mb-3 3 style metal building curbs
pc-mb options metal building curb options
pc-2mb-RTU metal building curbs for RTU
pc-2mbrh-1,2,3 metal building roof hatches
es-2mb metal building equipment supports
pc-mb-sc metal building curb support channels
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