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product overview

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product overview
  section 1: roof curbs & vibration isolation    (See section 1 in catalog)

pate® curbs for conventional buildings seal roof openings against leaks. Canted, no cant or raised cant styles for a water-tight transition between roof and skylights, fans and other equipment. Height: 8" or more above roof line. Heavy-gauge galvanized steel or aluminum construction, with integral base plate, continuous welded and mitered corners. Larger sizes internally reinforced. Pressure treated wood nailer, 1 ½" thick fiberglass insulation, simple flashing detail. Sound attenuating galvanized steel panels with fiberglass insulation absorb up to 40% of ventilator noise with air flow interference of only 4%. Removable for maintenance.

how to curb vibration
To absorb excess vibration of rooftop hvac equipment, pate® introduces isolation bases on its own roof curbs.

iso-bases on pate® curbs control the vibration of rooftop air handling units by isolating them from building and roof structure. Excess vibration of air conditioners, blowers, and exhausters is absorbed by the highly efficient isolation base assembly. Upper and lower members of extruded aluminum incorporate cadmium-plated steel springs selected for 1" static deflection and sized and positioned to insure uniform deflection for the entire system. Frame is sealed against water and weather. A continuous neoprene gasket is bonded to upper and lower surfaces. pate's isolation base is a fully assembled one-piece unit, easy to install, and available in sizes and capacities to meet exact requirements. Available on pate curbs mated to AC equipment.

  section 2: equipment support & bases   (See section 2 in catalog)

pate® equipment support rails provide leakproof mounting of rooftop units - with no worries about support failure. Load bearing tested and rated, with certified data furnished on request. Internally reinforced. Built to any length and designed to span roof joists. Constructed of heavy-gauge galvanized steel, with continuous welded and mitered corner seams. Integral base plate and galvanized steel counterflashing. Pressure treated wood nailers. Styles and heights to match roof deck and equipment requirements. For your protection, always require certified load bearing data for any equipment supports on your project.

pate® combination equipment bases are integral one-piece supports that prevent leaks around rooftop hvac units. pate designs and builds them in sizes to fit heating and air conditioning equipment and in two configurations to meet roof and job requirements:

sceb = curb with attached solid top platform mounting, and ceb = curb with attached mounting rails.

Field design, construction, and assembly costs are eliminated. Unless project, size, or shipping requirements dictate otherwise, bases are shipped completely assembled. Constructed of reinforced galvanized steel with all welded metal components, factory installed insulation. Pressure treated wood nailers. Heavy-gauge galvanized steel counterflashing. Available in three styles: sceb-1 = canted = ceb-1, sceb-2 = no cant = ceb-2, sceb-5 = raised cant = ceb-5.

  section 3: metal building products   (See section 3 in catalog)

pate® roof curbs for virtually any metal roof manufacturer.  Whether standing seam, “r” panel or batten seam, pate has the right curb for your application. Curbs are built to conform to roof slope, and sized correctly for any roof top mounted equipment.  Pate also partners with other industry leaders to offer skylights, smoke vents and roof hatches to bid a complete package and finish the job from a single source.

  section 4: expansion joints   (See section 4 in catalog)

pate® expansion joints and wall cant curbing is a complete system for preventing leaks from roof deck expansion and contraction. Includes expansion joint curb in desired lengths, v-shaped spreader clips, corners, and termination end sections. Available in canted, no cant, or raised cant styles (see page 2) and special heights and pitches. Full mitered and welded corner sections combine to make tees or crosses. Sloping end sections for termination points. Heavy-gauge galvanized steel construction with integral base plate. Angle steel reinforcement, pressure treated wood nailer, 1 ½" thick fiberglass insulation. Expansion joint cover available as an option (consult factory).

  section 5: pipe roller supports   (See section 5 in catalog)

pate® pipe roller supports are built to handle long runs of roof-mounted pipe - any size, any type, any roof. Extra-heavy-duty components hold up under unusual stresses and prevent roof leaks. Easy vertical and horizontal adjustment to accommodate gas, electric, refrigerant and other service lines. Allows pipe to expand and contract freely without affecting roof membrane. Roller assembly has locking device to maintain pipe location. Adaptable to permit running any number of pipes parallel on one base. Low in cost, easy to install, pate pipe roller supports (prs) are available with pate equipment supports in styles to match roof construction. 

  section 6: adapters   (See section 6 in catalog)

pate® is expert in adapting existing roof openings curbed for old or out dated equipment, into a unit that utilizes existing curb and structure, for new equipment.  From the smallest exhaust fan, to rooftop equipment weighing thousands of pounds, let pate work for you.  Our library of older model roof top equipment goes back 40+ years, and is an invaluable aide in designing your adapter.

  section 7: pipe curb assemblies    (See section 7 in catalog)

pate® pipe curb assembly prevents leaks when pipes go through a conventional or metal roof. All-in-one unit needs only one roof opening, is leakproof and durable under all weather conditions. Comes ready to install, including: roof curb, thermoplastic cover with sleeves scored for as many as 4 pipes from ½" to 10" o.d., and watertight boots graduated for standard pipe sizes, with adjustable stainless steel clamps. Multiple units available with curb caps for virtually any number and variety of pipes. 
Cover options:

for up to 4 pipes: 1/2" - 2 7/8" O.D.
for up to 2 pipes: 1/2" - 2 7/8" O.D. and 1 pipe: 3" - 5 1/2" O.D.
for up to 2 pipes: 1/2" - 2 7/8" O.D. and for up to 4 pipes: 3/8" - 2" O.D.
for up to 2 pipes: 1/2" - 2 7/8" O.D. and for up to 2 pipes: 3" - 5 1/2" O.D.
for up to 2 pipes: 1/2" - 2 7/8" O.D. and for up to 8 pipes: 3/8" - 2" O.D.
1 pipe: 6" - 10 3/4" O.D.
for up to 5 pipes: 1/2" - 2 7/8" O.D.
for 1 pipe: 3" - 5 1/2" O.D
for up to 4 pipes: 3/8" - 2" O.D.

pipe seals & dektites

pipe flashing devices for metal roofs seal individual pipe penetrations in a matter of minutes. Flexible, one-piece flashing conforms to panel profile and roof pitch of any metal building. Molded of weather-resistant E.P.D.M. rubber. Aluminum ring base can be contoured to any area of metal roof pane. Quickly installed with stainless steel fasteners. Available in 9 sizes for pipes from ¼" to 18" in diameter. Isolates pipe movement from vibration and expansion/contraction.

pate® pipe seal prevents leaks from single-pipe openings in conventional roofs. Integral unit flashes and weatherproofs rooftop penetrations - and at the cost of a pitch pocket. One-piece spun aluminum base flashes easily into any roofing system. Full 5" seal above base is sloped for runoff. Allows for pipe expansion and contraction or vibration without leakage. Sizes:

for pipes from ½"-2½" nominal (uninsulated)
for pipes from 3"-5" nominal (uninsulated)
for pipes from 6"-10" nominal (uninsulated)

  section 8: seismic and vibration isolation   (See section 8 in catalog)

these curb products are designed and engineered to each project’s requirements.  In the case of vibration isolation, they help reduce noise transmitted into the building.  Seismically rated curbs help insure that equipment will remain intact and functional after a seismic event.  Consult pate for more information.

  section 9: skylights, hatches & smoke vents    (See section 9 in catalog)

acrylic skylights from pate® help building designers utilize daylight in areas big and small and conserve energy in hot or cold weather. Single or double dome designs are thermoformed from acrylic plastic and available in clear colorless, translucent white, and solar bronze. Frames are corrosion-resistant extruded aluminum, fully weatherproofed. Thermal models are double dome. Skylights are supplied complete, ready for installation on 1 ½" or wider prepared roof curbs. pate will provide the ideal match of roof curbs to your skylights, avoiding misfits and delays on your project.

continuous vault skylights let the architect go to almost any lengths in utilizing daylight. Single or double end barrel vaults are thermoformed acrylic in 2' to 4' lengths to accommodate overall unit requirements. Widths from 2' to 10' in any length greater than 8'. Vertical glazed ends are cold formed acrylic. One-piece curb frame of extruded aluminum is designed for fastening on 1 ½" or wider prepared roof curbs. Clearance for expansion and contraction is provided in both the aluminum and acrylic areas.

smoke and heat vents mounted on roof open automatically to release heat and fumes in the event of fire or explosion. Fusible-link activated at 165° F or selectable higher ratings depending on normal ambient temperature at ceiling level. Single or double-leaf acrylic domes or insulated aluminum covers, all-aluminum curb and body assembly with integral cap flashing and 4" roof flange. Powerful spring-lift mechanism opens vent cover against wind and snow loads. Inside manual release. Models available with UL listed and/or FM Approved labels. Consult pate about options, other models.

  section 10: specialty products   (See section 10 in catalog)
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