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conventional roof curbs

pate® curbs for conventional buildings seal roof openings against leaks.  Canted, no cant or raised cant styles for a water-tight transition between roof and skylights, fans and other equipment.  Height: 8" or more above roof line.  Heavy-gauge galvanized steel or aluminum construction, with integral base plate, continuous welded and mitered corners.  Larger sizes internally reinforced.  Pressure treated wood nailer, 1 ½" thick fiberglass insulation, simple flashing detail.  Sound attenuating galvanized steel panels with fiberglass insulation absorb up to 40% of ventilator noise with air flow interference of only  4%.  Removable for maintenance.
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1-1 pc-1 1 style roof curbs
1-2 pc-2 2 style roof curbs
1-3 pc-3,4 3 and 4 style roof curbs
1-4 pc-5 5 style roof curbs
1-5 pc-2-sf 2 style self flashing curbs for pitched roofs
1-6 pc-2-sl 2 style self leveling curbs for pitched roofs
1-7 pc-2p 2p style roof curbs for HVAC units
1-8 pc-2p-sl 2p style self leveling curbs for HVAC units
1-9 pc-2sf-sd 2 style self flashing side discharge curbs
1-10 pc-4-il 4 style heavy duty AHU roof curbs
1-11 psc-1,2,5 1, 2 and 5 style sound curbs
1-12 pc options roof curb options
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